Canada Book: Jasper Explores the Pacific Coast.

If you are ever studying Canada you need to pick up the Jasper books, seriously.   They give a good look at Canada while following the tale of a cute stuffy and his friends.   

Jasper is a polar bear stuffy who likes to explore the land that he lives in.  The book we are looking at today is called Jasper Explores the Pacific Coast. 

You get easy to read text, with plenty of pictures.
He covers all the big things of the area that he is going through.   The mountains, the rivers and lakes, the tourist places like Buchart Gardens.   
He even gives a map of where he is!  
I love the paw prints that lead from page to page, the fun story that will appeal to younger readers and the clear sharp images.   There are many full page images, and finding Jasper and the things that caught his attention delighted my lad when he was younger.   

So if you are studying Canada.. pick up the Jasper books, they'll add a great overview and are a fun read as well.  :)

Jasper explores the Pacific Coast
Dough and Shannon Chapman
Series: Jasper's Great Canadian Adventure
32 pages
Geography picture book

Where can you find it? Jasper Explores the Pacific Coast. Jasper Explores the Pacific Coast.

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  1. This looks adorable! And I would love to visit Buchart Gardents. My parents visited there quite a few years ago and I have wanted to go ever since!

    1. It's a great book! Good series.


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