Field Trip Friday: Hershey Chocolate World

One of the field trips we took when we went to Pennsylvania was to Hershey World, lots of people suggested we go, so we went.

Ergo, I thought I'd share our trip with you.

Our initial greeting was by this great big chocolate bar with a quote on it. 
It of course, put us in the mood for Chocolate.  :)   But hey, we were at a place that makes chocolate so what could one expect eh?

The tour brought us through a walk way with a ton of Chocolate and Hershey Factory facts.   We learned a lot and it kept us entertained as we followed the crowd through to the cars we rode on through the factory tour.
I have to admit, the tour itself was a bit tacky, but I did learn a lot about chocolate and how it's made and the Hershey Chocolate Factory.   It was really geared to entertain young children.  BUT...they gave us a chocolate bar at the end of the tour.  I thought that was great until hubby pointed out... you know they are just priming you to want to buy chocolate right?

Ah FIDDLESTICKS!   It was chocolate and it tasted great, and I looked at the prices of all the oh so lovely chocolate and said.. ah.. can't beat dollarama!   So we didn't buy even a single piece.  :)

Seriously though, even though the tour wasn't what we had hoped for, it gave us something to do on a rainy morning.  We shook our heads, laughed and said "don't need to do that one again"... and then moved on to other things.  

Is this free tour worth it?  OF COURSE!!!   We got a chocolate bar at the end of it!!!!  We got to see all the chocolates Hershey makes in one place (some we'd never heard about) and learned a lot about the making of chocolate.   That's good right?  So if you are in Hershey, PA sometimes, stop in, get a free chocolate bar and oh.. smell the delicious chocolate smell.

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  1. Too bad that it wasn't a good tour. I have always wondered about going there, not that I have the chance often. :) But a chocolate bar is always a wonderful things to end with.

    1. Precisely, free chocolate is worth a 1/2 hour tour :)

  2. I was do disappointed in the "new" tour. We went years ago when the kids were small and it had completely changed from when I was a kid. We used to actually be able to look through glass windows into the actual factory and see the real chocolate being made. I know in the town of hershey there is now a "school" where you can sign up for a quick class on making chocolate and design your own candy bar. I'm thinking of taking my boys back now that they are older and trying that out instead. Though I do enjoy any tour that gives me free chocolate.

    1. I looked into the chocolate class but found it more costly than I thought reasonable. Free chocolate is great.


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