Field Trip: Western Fair

Well okay.. do I call this a field trip or just a day out having fun??   I'll let you decide eh?

Almost every year we attend the Western Fair in London.  There was one year we missed but normally we go.  ANYWAYS, enough preamble eh?

First thing we did when we got there was browse the craft sections, we discovered many a good photo taken, these two grabbed my attention.   It was funny how often the same picture would jump out at the three of us, and not always the ones the judges picked out as first place winners.    I missed not having a chance to be part of the people's choice award.
I got the lads to wander through the quilt section with me this year.  (yes I know I know the horror eh!)   Anyways, we found this delightful quilt that even the lad said "I like this one".
I know you can't see all the details, but they had all the provincial names along with the provincial flowers.  Just lovely it was to look at, the stitching finely done as well. 

The lads took off at this point to do some rides whilst I ambled around, first heading out the agricultural building.

Some of the critters I ran across at the agricultural building.
My Fellows ended up going to the agricultural building when it wasn't quite as warm, and ended up catching two goats playing king of the castle.
This goat and I spent a fair amount of time looking at each other.  He was fascinated by my wheelie cart, and he stared and stared and stared at it.

I gradually made my way back through the fair, stopping to look at the different carnival exhibits, and sat down for a goodly spell to rest tired feet.   Listening to the cacophony of noise around me.  Hucksters, and music, and crying children, laughter and blares of horns.  It filled the air with what could be described as a racket, but if you looked closely you'd see young lovers holding hands, children crying out to dads saying "WATCH ME!!", grandpas walking by guiding gramma's along, gangs of teens jostling each other, egging each other on in the "knock down the blocks" challenge...loud guffaws filling the air as they missed terribly.  It was a grand opportunity to people watch.

I moseyed on down to the "down on the farm" section.  This used to house the children's games but now was home to large runs for donkeys, sheep, goats and more.  The only thing I didn't see were rabbits and guinea pigs.   It also was home to Don the magician, who oddly enough did a lot of singing that had people dancing on the sidewalks around him.  His magic act was kinda lame, but his singing...he should have stuck to the singing really.  :)  Had me sitting back, tapping my toes and swaying to the music. 

The scouts had a course rigged up this year, which I saw a lot of youngsters enjoying.  Making their way over a wobbly rope bridge, gaining confidence as they went.  Good to see.    But the critters were there and look.. CHICKENS!!!!   (yes, I like chickens)

I had fun watching these young pigs.  The smaller one was a bossy little thing!!!!  He was SO very very determined to keep the food for himself.   Sharing was a word he needed to learn yet I guess.  :)

The boys came to collect me so we could go watch the high dive show.  I'd show you the high dive but the video didn't turn out the greatest, so here's the first part of the show.

We wandered around a bit more, I went with the fellows for some of the rides, I watched, they rode.  :)   I helped a grandpa hear his grandkids call his name.    We checked out a tea that I was interested in but we couldn't justify the cost for it.   Smelled so yummy though.. and was sorely tempted by a really really nice pan...until I heard the price.. $299 for one 8 inch pan!!!!!!  Boy.. was it a lovely weighted pan...   Sometimes I'd like to be wealthy enough to be able to fritter money away.   Good thing I'm not eh?

And then we went home.... tired, foot sore, but overall very pleased with our day.

We slept in this morning... Can you believe I didn't get out to the bunnies until almost 1000 a.m.!!!!!!   I know total shocker!!!!  My mom woke me up with a phone call...she was shocked too!  (aren't you normally up by 7??)  Ah well.. good to surprise people once in a while eh?

This is probably the last year we'll attend the fair, they've dropped much of what we've enjoyed in the past  such as cattle and horse shows, dog acts, and talent shows, very few vendors to visit with, and no strolling minstrels... They didn't even have pig or duck races!!!   So it's one less thing I'll have to think about missing when we move!  :) 

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  1. What a lovely day. And yes, call it a field trip! It was experiential and that is always good. That quilt is beautiful and I like the hay bale tractor!

    1. I loved the quilt, there was another, but going to put that in a different post


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