Hidden Blessings

A phenomena occurs regularly in our household. 

My hubby's phone will ring and the lad and I will immediately burst out in chorus causing hubby to shake his head at us. 

What do we chorus? 

Ring ring pick up your phone. 
Ring ring pick up your phone. 

This is his ring tone and it makes the lad and I laugh and sing every single time.  (of course I can't find the version he uses and if looking for it be careful...there are some not so good versions of it out there)

It's a blessing indeed that hubby dear rarely gets phone calls.  A hidden blessing if you will.

It means .. it never gets old (so the lad and I get to share a fun moment). 
No long term annoyed hubby... in fact.. he always grins after the fact.  

This silly family of his. :)

But it makes me think eh?   

All the hidden blessings we have in life, things we don't think of.  Like if anything changed with the phone.. it would no longer be funny, or would become an annoyance to my sweetheart.  

I learned a hidden blessing this past week.  I breed rabbits.  I've been hurt by animal rights people in the past and they are normally associated with rescues, and I've learned to avoid some rescues.  BUT I had a wee bunny with a missing foot and I wasn't sure what I should do with her so I took a chance and contacted a rescue from out of town, and the person was EVER so helpful.  Where's the hidden blessing?  My stubborn Dutch heritage and my mom's influence of looking for the good.   You can't let one person sully your thoughts about someone completely different. Blessings I don't regularly see or look for those things in my heritage...but this...this is helpful eh? 

All the ways the Lord God has provided and protected me and mine eh?  Good stuff those hidden blessings.  :)

Join in won't you?  This is part of the Homeschool Review Crew's instagram challenge.  Today.  PHONE.
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