Oh This Music, Just Floods My Soul

I don't know about you but oh.. music can just flood my soul. 

Old hymns filled with doctrine, teaching me about God as it lifts my soul toward heavens in praise and worship of the one I serve.    I suppose that's one of the reasons why I post a hymn almost every week.  A song will catch my heart and then I need to share with others. :)  Finding out the history, learning of faithful men and women who have gone on before, writing down words to lift and cheer, to inspire our praise and worship of the living Lord.   This is our Christian history.

Newer songs.  Ah you got to admit, some of them are sappy, some of them are solid.. oh .. so solid.  Different words that convey thoughts of old, but stated differently that strike a cord of awe and understanding.   Songs that make me want to dance and move and show the Lord my desire to give him praise and honour.

Now granted, I love more than hymns and praise & worship music, I also love me some jazz, and blues, and big band music, country and western and gasp... hubby's fav.. rock!   But this music makes me tap my toes, and sing out loud.  BUT it never floods my soul like music meant to lift me up to God in worship of him.

What music floods your soul?

This is one of my favourite hymns.   Tell me yours eh?
This a word prompt post inspired by the Homeschool Review Crew instagram challenge, join in won't you?

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  1. One Day - fantastic hymn. The girls have been singing it a lot lately.

    1. Cool. :) actions with the chorus?


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