Pearl Seeker: I Gotta Be Me!

Becky Blackmon paints the picture of three owls in a tree.  Two of the owls are being ordinary owls, but the third is a bit of an odd duck, hanging upside down and doing his own thing.   Life isn't easy for that owl... and life isn't easy for people stuck on doing their own thing as well.

Now.. is it bad to be a free spirit?  To march to the beat of a different drummer?  By no means no!!   God made us all different you know?  And he delights in the uniqueness of each of us.  KNOW THIS

That said, Christians should want to be more than their own selves when they love the Lord God, and believe he is their salvation.  We should!   Afterall.. we owe him our life, shouldn't that influence the way we live and act?  Shouldn't that influence our love for him and those he has placed in our path?

The more we learn about who God is, the more we see him active in our lives, the more it causes us to want to please him.

How do we get to know him?  By diving into his word.  It's really the only way.  The more we know God's word, the more we know God.  The more we know God the more we want to be like him, the more we are transformed by him, within the uniqueness of who we are.  Because you know what?  As we know God more, the more we are aware of just how well God already knows us.  How much he loves us and has forgiven us already. 

The more we get to know God the more we realize this world isn't about me, myself and I.  It's not self-oriented, it's God-oriented. Which means we can love others as we love ourselves, it means we can lean to God's direction and not our own.   A Pearl Seeker is one who seeks after pleasing God. 

If we say we want to please God but we don't
- read from his word daily
- talk to him daily
- live or do what he asks daily

Then how can we say we want to please him?

 Take the steps you need.  Start slowly, build your faith, build your communication with the one that called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.  Be a person of faith!

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  1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts as you work through Becky's book. Looking toward God and being a person of faith - that is what we have to do.


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