Pearl Seeker: Seek Second Chances

I have to admit, the opening section to this chapter had me wanting to argue with it.   I understood her point... we have to be mindful that the stuff in our lives doesn't become more important to us than golf...but at the same time I wanted to argue saying.. but someone has to do the laundry and run the errands, we can't all run out to conferences and the mission field.  Someone has to mind the gates at home.    It just makes me wonder sometimes... if we all sat at the feet of Jesus and just listened and learned from him....who would get the work done?   Who would help Martha?

We can't just learn .. we have to DO as well. 

So I guess that's where the dichotomy comes in right?   How easy it is to think.. I have to do this that or the other thing to do, that it's so easy to get distracted from the need to do the learning first, so that we can be about the doing.

It's easy for me to say .. hey...those things you do for pleasure... be mindful they don't take over your life.  Like the fellow in her intro who loved golf so much he was missing out on the rest of life that God had given him.   I love to read.. and sometimes I'd rather stay home and read a good book than I would want to go to church... so it's choices to make.  We need to make them in GOD's favour, not our own.   I frequently tell my lad, Satan has done an excellent job of making us a very selfish people, focused on our own wants and needs.  We need to as believers actively fight against that. 

Thomas Aquinas tells us this: "The things we love tell us what we are".

So what does my life tell others what I love?   What it does tell others about what you love?

Do you know that the Lord waits patiently for us to come to him?  To want to learn from him?   He comes over and over and over.. waiting patiently.  Won't you make a choice?  A choice to give up that thing that right now causes you pleasure and has you get a greater pleasure...learning of the Lord.  Learn from him, live out what you learn, so that you can eagerly tell others more about the one you claim to love.    Show your love to the Lord.   Learn from him.

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  1. Saying no to something is so much more difficult when we find pleasure in that thing. But it is equally hard to say "wait" to the things that drive our days like the laundry and the cooking or the schooling. I think that is why it is essential (and I have been horrible about this lately) that we spend the time with God first so that we don't relegate him to a lower place in our lives.

    1. Agreed. God and then the rest


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