Review: Berenstain Bears: Bless our Gramps & Gran

 I have to admit, my 12 year old thinks I'm weird.. I know a shocker eh?

BUT WHY does he think I'm weird?   Because I've always liked the Berenstain Bears.  He unfortunately has never liked them.  He's never connected with bears.. but if the book were about cats... DIFFERENT STORY!  :)  

Nevertheless, I was delighted to review Mike Berenstain's recent book called Bless our Gramps and Gran. 

In this story, the cub bears have a chance to celebrate Grandparents day.  And in case you are wondering, Grandparents day is September 10 this year.  :)  With the start of school looming the bear cubs were just not happy with the idea of lots of homework, so having to plan to a lovely grandparents day is just the ticket!

This book is filled with lovely images of the cubs remembering all the things they get to do with their Gramps and Gran, from fishing, hiking, playing and clothes.  So many things to be thankful for having grandparents.

Wouldn't it be fun to read this book with your youngsters and ask them what they liked about their grandparents?

Thinking about Gran and Gramps leads us into the story of Noah and the ark, and how God told them to be fruitful and multiply, meaning the Noah and Mrs. Noah became grandparents!

I just loved the brightly coloured illustrations that bring so much life to the story.  Can't you just see Gran's enjoyment as she looks through the story the children created? 

I appreciated the author closing the book with different ways children can make grandparents day special whether they have grandparents of their own or not.

Bless our Gramps & Gran 
Author: Mike Berenstaing
Series: The Berenstain Bears, Living Lights
Pages: 24
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Reviewed for: BookLookBloggers

Where Can you Find it? Bless our Gramps & Gran. Bless our Gramps & Gran.  

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  1. How sweet! I love the Berenstain Bears, too. Of course, my girls have enjoyed them as well so it was a mutual pleasure to get to read the books with them. May have to look this one up.

    1. It was a pretty good little book


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