Review: Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract

Getting in interesting products to review is always a fun thing to do. And this one is a FUN one.  Imagine having a fun way to present the gospel to children, in a way that is non-threatening and provides a double benefit?  Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract, produced by Let the Little Children Come come is one such a product, it comes as a ready made halloween tract.

How did we use it? 
My lad and I made up three of them at a time, we took them with us on our weekly trips to the foodbank.  This was our main way of using them.  I also brought them along to a homsechool get-together and some of the teens put a few together to give to siblings.
They were really easy to put together, though if you look you'll see that one of them somehow got put together just a bit incorrectly.  There's really no excuse though, as Let the Little Children Come provides an easy to follow diagram for putting it together. 
Anyways, while at the foodbank we would hand them out to the youngsters who came by.   It was fun to see their delight.  It was such as easy way to bring the word of God into needy families.   Such an easy way to share the gospel with children.
I was amazed at the amount of candy I could fit in and there was even room to spare!  Chocolate, taffy, caramels, peppermints and more!   
We reserved four of them for our annual trick or treaters!  :)

My thoughts:
  • It holds a good amount of candy, I was surprised how much fit in and I still had room to spare.
  • In making them with a couple of young teens I discovered there was a bit of a learning curve in how to put it together and fill it.  Some got the idea quicker than others, but once the pattern was learned, each pumpkin thereafter went easily.
  • It holds a good message, I loved that the message included a prayer.  A nice message for doing child evangelism.
  • I can see a variety of ways to make use of these little pumpkins.  They are big enough you could put in a small baked good (tartlets/cookies/donut holes) and bring them along to nursing homes, siblings can give to younger sibs, kids can use them as a surprise for their folks, as rewards at a harvest festival or Hallowe'en party, your imagination is the only limit.   
  • How can you share the gospel with children in your life?

Comments from parents:
"This would be a fun craft before Hallowe'en with my girls club"
"Oh, that's such a cute idea!"
"Can I put one together?   Are they hard to do?  Oh!  That's easy enough and oh.. they hold quite a lot don't they?!"

Comments from children:
"Mommy look!  It's a pumpkin!"
"MOMMY  I gots a chocolate!"
"Can I have one mom?  Please?"
"Can I make one for the girl my mom babysits?"

Let the Little Children Come
Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract

20 boxes in one pack.

Price per Pack:
US$ 15.95 (1 - 10 packs)
US$ 14.95 (11 - 20 packs)
US$ 13.95 (21 packs or more)

Reviewed for: The Homeschool Review Crew
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