Review: Shark Lady

Eugenie Clark was a girl who's very determined to work with marine life, particularly with sharks.   She was fascinated with them from the time she was very litter. Shark lady is the story of how she realized her dream.

This is a lovely picture book filled with images of how Eugenie worked through her life, with determination. She didn't tell anyone to tell her she could not achieve her aims.  Nothing stopped her. Not negative talk or disbelief. 

Eugenia loved sharks when she was young and set her heart and mind to learning everything she could about them.  Nothing dissuaded her.  Not even being without a father. A determined young lady who became a renown marine biologist woman. We can see the beauty of sharks in the very pages of this well illustrated, almost magical book. 
I really liked that this lovely book not only tell the the story of Eugenia Clark but also gave us some real information about them.  Learning that sharks can be trained and can remember their training for a long time. That sharks do not have to keep moving all the time in order to breathe and so much more. 

Shark Lady concludes with a timeline of Eugenia Clark's life, where I learned that the belted sandfish can change it's gender in as little as 10 seconds!  Amazing!!

I found it an absolutely fascinating book to read it made me want to give it to every little girl and boy out there with a dream to show them but they too can choose not to let anything stop them in their quest for what they want to do.   

Have dreams, dream big, and follow them through!

Shark Lady: The true story of how Eugenia Clark became the Ocean's more fearless scientist
Jess Keating
Illustrator: Marta Alvarez Miguens
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
40 pages
Elementary book
Reviewed for Raincoast Books.  

Where can you find it? Shark Lady. Shark Lady.

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  1. This looks like a wonderful book.

    1. It was a lovely book I very much liked it


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