Review: Time Stoppers Quest for the Golden Arrow

Book two of the Time Stoppers Seriesm Quest for the Golden Arrow. has me eagerly awaiting book three!  :) Oh, sometimes I can hardly wait, I have so been enjoying this series!   Carrie Jones did not disappoint in this second book of the series.

I love the well developed characters, the contrast between the protagonist (Annie and her friends) and the antagonist (Raiff and his minions), the lands they can be found in, and everything!    

The story starts with the townspeople realizing that Miss Cornelia has been captured by the Raiff!   He's made demands... give me ANNIE!!!   So what do the townspeople do?  Choose to give him Annie...but Annie and her friends circumvent that decision, choosing to go in their own way.

Finding an unexpected friend, retrieving the precious golden arrow, and then they are off.  Will they save Miss Cornelia?   (I won't tell you that part!  You have to read the book for yourself).  :)

I like this book so much that that the "prettifying" of the book appeals to me as well.   Isn't that a neat design?  I love the starburst design in the corner of the pages.

The author is Carrie Jones

Carrie Jones is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Need series, as well as Time Stoppers and After Obsession, co-written with Steven E. Wedel. She also co-edited the anthology Dear Bully, about YA authors' experiences with bullying. She is a distinguished alum of Vermont College's MFA program and a part-time police dispatcher in Maine because she likes cop stories. Really. Visit her online at
Time Stoppers: Quest for the Golden Arrow
Carrie Jones
Pages: 455
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's books
Received: Hardcover
Series: Time Stoppers

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books.

Where can you find it? Quest for the Golden Arrow. Quest for the Golden Arrow (Time Stoppers)

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  1. I think my oldest two have read this. Looks familiar. I will have to ask them.

    1. If they did, you'll have to let me know what they thought of it


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