School continues!

This was a good week that turned out a tad different than planned.   Though not written on the calendar, our Friday happened on Thursday, and our Friday was very scattered in our approach. Book Study didn't happen with gramma due to my not having the book to hand.   For geography the lad is doing a study on Red Tides.  And for science he started a study on Atoms and Molecules.
Our typical go to London day.  Sold a bunny.   Did some shopping and puttering about.  OH!   We also went to the Mandarin to celebrate Gramma's Birthday.   It was a good day.

Hubby has a interview this evening for a job!   Yay that all the technical stuff worked the way it was supposed to!! 
Cleaned the living room area..moved the birds from one side to the other, tidied up "that corner" and found a bunch of stuff I don't need!  WOOT WOOT!
The lad did his schooling and then cleaned his room "Mom, going to clean out my closet" which morphed into cleaning his entire room and saying "I'm not moving this" to a lot of items. Took him all day, he was bushed by the end of it, but not too bushed that he couldn't make a new axe.   This one is called the "chop'em stick'em, hook'em and pull'em" after a weapon in the Brotherband series. 

Foodbank.  The lad schooled, helped with the delivery, I organized shelves.
Made buns and beet jelly, I cleaned up the living room a bit.   Kept busy.  The lad went out ant hunting. :)
Evening Karate starts up again.

Out to the Western Fair after the lad finished most of his schooling quick quick in the morning.  Admittedly he didn't do math or Compuscholar.   We headed up a bit earlier as the lad wanted to buy test tubes for his ants, and Hubby needed to pick something up at the "make your own beer" store.

Anyways, once all the errands we run we hit the fair and had a good time. 
One of the quilts we saw.

We had fun!  To read about our adventures go here.  Though I didn't include how I dragged the lads off to watch square dancing for a while.  I found it rather fun, they.. well.. were very good sports.  :)

On the way home from the Western Fair we picked up the bunny that I had sold on Monday.  Turned out their other rabbit was a male instead of a female, they didn't want babies and didn't want to neuter their buck.  So this girlie came home again.

I had originally planned to go to a museum today with the lad but given that I didn't get up and busy until about 1000 a.m.... and the lad was only up about 1/2 hour before I was and hubby wasn't much brighter either... we decided a stay at home day suited us much better.

The lad and I worked on a Star Wars review (two different ones actually) then we talked about his research project where we discovered that I had carefully delineated my expectations... so he's got three projects in his head and I need to print off my expectations for him so he knows what to do.   I said next week is fine.  :)  And it is, gives us time to talk and learn and experiment and that's a good thing eh?

The two fellows worked on a budgie nestbox now that we have two budgies that like each other living together.  The lad is hoping to get baby budgies!!!!   He thinks that might be a touch exciting.  :)

BUSY...first thing, karate class.
Then off to Camp Shalom for their fall fair.   Bought food, did some visiting, found a corelle bowl in the rummage tent and the lad some foam for projects, it was a successful venture.  Jim picked up some wine bottles from a friend.    

Off to the St. Jacobs Market to get some fruit to make jam... thought I'd try my hand at peach jam.

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  1. This post is bringing back lots of happy memories of our time in London. Going to the St Jacobs market (this was pre-children and the oldest is now 25) and taking said oldest (think he was 2) to the Western Fair where he enjoyed lots of carnival rides. NOW off to search through the album's for the photos.

    1. Oh great, I Hope you found some good pics

  2. Boy you had a wonderful week last week, in spite of a few bumps. Sorry about the bunny sale that fell through! I really enjoyed reading your post - it drew me in and now I feel like I was right there with you and your lad last week! (I have a secret to share: I like watching square dancing as well and really like the traditional music that does along with it... but don't tell anyone!) :)

    1. Yiu, but you made me smile. :)

  3. Sounds like a week of adaptation and adjustment but aren't those great skills to have and learn! That bunny sure is sweet; sorry she didn't get to stay where she was.

    1. The lad gets better every year at adapting to change. :) bunny is good, she found another place to be. :)


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