A Pondering on the Word Remain

I do a hymn study on Sundays, I have to admit, the word remain is proving to be elusive   You don't find many, if any, hymns with the word remain in them.   I did find a scripture song that had the word remains in it, but it's so new the copying the lyrics here could be problematic.  So nix that idea eh?

I got to thinking, why do I post about hymns?  It's like, what's the point?  There are times I wonder about not posting them, but then I think about the stories of faith that I would miss, the stories of people who have gone on before, jotting down their thoughts about the Lord, and how we can praise, honour, and adore him.  How we learn more about God in the words that we sing.

I want the history to remain with us.  To not be forgotten.  
It's important to learn from those who have gone on before, you know?

Doing a hymn study, is the keeping on on the faith.
It's a way to persevere our history.
A way to build lasting bridges.
Some hymns have endured the test of time.
Other hymns being not, not abiding.

Admittedly, there is a side benefit to me doing a hymn study weekly,
It's gives me a song of praise that runs through my head most of the week.
Calling me back to God when I feel pushed about my life.
It's a way God gives me to survive the hustle of life.

So what do you say?
Shall I persist with the sharing of the hymns of faith?
To continue my delving into history?
The musical history of the church?

I think I shall.  

It's a joy bringer to my soul.
And that's worth something don't you think?

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  1. Hymns bring the truths of Gods word to mind and help us focus and remember. Hymns are a special thing.


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