Art Book: Art Up Close

Wow! I really like this art book. It's called Art Up Close. Despite the fact that it has no art to draw or to inspire, my lad even likes it! 

I have to tell you all the details about this marvellous book, and truly it is a GOOD book.

First off, there are over 20 different masterpieces featured, from ancient to modern times.

Each two page spread looks like this one.  A piece of art work surrounded by up to 12 circles which are parts of the painting blown up.  Your challenge is to find each of those circles.
 Each circle is designed to help you dig deeper into the art work, perhaps discovering things you weren't aware of before.
When you find it, it's always a good thing you know?
And don't worry, if you can't find it, you can always turn to the back of the book.  Where first you learn a bit more about the art work.
Then as you scroll pass this section you discover the answer (provided under a lift the flap).  It's not good to cheat BUT it is good to be able to find the answer if you are truly stuck, don't you think?
I appreciated the sheer variety in these pieces, from early Egyptian art through Arabic manuscripts, to the Aztecs and on to the early 19th century and ending with Jackson Pollock of 1952.    I can't say that I liked all the art work, but I definitely learned more about it!   It was good to have details to pick out as it helped me to pick out other details as well as I searched the painting. 

Claire d'Harcourt achieved her purpose in helping students of art history learn more about these paintings and to pay attention to the details.

I think this book would be a great add-on to any student of art history, from homeschoolers adding an art credit, to older students wanting to understand more about our past.  Art is a good way to look back at where we are, and understand our fellow man all the more.

Art Up Close: From Ancient to Modern
Claire d'Harcourt
64 pages
ages 10+
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Type: Hardcover art book, oversized.

Reviewed for Raincoast books

Where can you find it? Art Up Close: from Ancient to Modern. Art Up Close: From Ancient to Modern

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  1. Wow! I love this. May have to look around to see if I can find a copy of it.

    1. Get it, it's a great book


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