Art Book: CatDoodles

Do you like cats? Do you like to doodle as a way to relax? Well, let me tell you about this fun little book that crossed my desk today. Catdoodles. The Cat Loves Drawing book. 

Now mind me here.. if cats are TOTALLY not your thing, this is not the book for you.  BUT if you are like my boy and think cats are well... the cat's meow.. then this book just might appeal to you as a doodler.  

 Okay so Masudo starts this book off with giving you some basic instructions on how to doodle cats.  :)
As well as giving some instructions on how to use this book.
Then pages are simply provided for you to doodle on.  Some have tons of room to draw on.  Like for instance this one:
Whereas others, like my absolute favourite in the whole book, provide less room, but with small boxes that I just ache to fill in.  :)

Some pages strike me as silly and actually caused my 12 year to snort when he saw it.  What Can I say... he just doesn't see putting sweaters on a cat (at least that was how he pictured it).

All in all, it's not a bad little book to fill in and just relax, letting your fretting ease away and you draw in the whimsy that is "the cat".  And there are.. JUST SO MANY CATS!  

Happy cats, sad cats, tiny cats, big cats, black cats, white cats, even some colourful cats....just cats... cats.. cats.

Indulge your fancy.   And get Catdoodles.  :)

Cat Doodles: the Cat Lovers Drawing Book
Akido Masudo
Type: Art/doodling
Publisher: Quarry Books
Pages: 64 pages

Reviewed for Quarto Group

Where can you find it? Cat Doodles.  Cat Doodles: The Cat Lovers Drawing Book.

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  1. That is such a cute book! I think I have to pick up a copy for the kids (or me!)....

    1. let me know if you want mine eh? :) I have so many doodling books I don't need to keep this one. :)


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