Art Book: Kawaii Doodle Class

Kawaii Doodle Class is a fun softcover book, that was a pleasure to review.  This book is all about creating cute images from food, drink, nature, monsters, everyday items and more. Zainab Khan shows us how to give these items a cute outlook on life and faces with character. 

Zainab Khan takes items you find in everyday life (plus monsters) and turns them into cute creations in a step by step manner.

 Khan shows us the difference that changing line shape and colour means to the creations we build.
Page after page is filled with delightful creations to make your doodles into items of joy and stories waiting to be told.

Khan closes this book with some fun search and find puzzles.
These pages also give the author a chance to show case how all the doodles can fit together.  I look at them all and see how easily these creations could become characters in a story, just from drawing a few simple lines.  None of the lines in this book are overly complicated, anyone with a will to try can learn from this artist.   Simple lines and basic colours makes for fun, cute creations from anything you can find around you.
Kawaii Doodle Class: Sketching Super-cute tacos, sushi, clouds, flowers, monsters, cosmetics, and more.
Zainab Khan
Publisher: Race Point
Age: Elementary and up
Type: Art

Reviewed for: Quarto Group

Where can you find it? Kawaii Doodle Class.  Kawaii Doodle Class.

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  1. How fun this book is! Very neat.

    1. Ithe is, I found this a very fun book


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