Canada Book: Canada Counts

Ready to learn some facts about Canada?   Have a child learning their numbers?   How about combining two lessons in one?

Canada Counts...learn to count from 1-20 as well as 37, 1867, and more.  Counting is so much more than the first few numbers, it's learning and seeing how they all fit together.

Now children can learn their numbers with Canada Counts. On these pages, new artwork illustrates numbers from 1 to 20, as well as other important Canadian numbers such as 1867 and 1982. There may be 1 walking boy, but there are 3 territories, 4 seasons, and 9 Supreme Court justices.   With Canada Counts, Charles Pachter has written another love letter to our country.

What you get:
Good artwork with facts to go along.  Would have known we had a beaver and otter airplane?   I knew about the beaver, but the otter had escaped my notice.

Interesting Facts.  It was an good connection for me learning more about the Famous Five, as I had just learned about the famous five at the WW1 and Canada exhibit we were just at.  Connections built eh?

Counting!  And not just the basics of 1-20, but all kinds of numbers that are important to us as Canadians.  We learn history within our counting!  :)

Provincial information, even as we count.   Good to learn these important facts. And to see our flags alongside.

Canada Counts: A Charles Pachter Counting Book
Charles Pachter
Cormorant Books
64 pages
hardcover, counting book, children

Where Can you Find it? Canada Counts.  Canada Counts.

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  1. What a unique way to make connections and bring out significant facts. Neat book.


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