Canada Book: In the Red Canoe

I like to go in the red canoe
I sit low in the bow
I can paddle by myself
My Grampa taught me how. 

The lyrical start to this lovely picture book, led the way along a quite nature journey between grandparent and child.  
This book is an ideal start to a look into the Canadian wilderness for young elementary students. Learning about frogs, stars, the river and so much more.

Can't you just see the connection between grandparent and child?  The joy of experiencing bird flight through the eyes of a child, of wandering down a river together?

The full colour illustrations bring the gentle poem to life, helping us see through the yes of the youngster, sitting back on grandpas, knee, rowing down the river, chasing frogs and so forth.  Don't you just love the colours?
I just love the joy on the face of this youngster.  All the fun she is having with her grandpa. 

This would be a great book to read with grandparent and child. Or for a parent to share with a child missing her or his grandpa. It's a great preliminary book for a Canadian (or if you will ANYWHERE) nature study.   It's just a lovely, easy read, that will delight your heart and give you oodles to talk about with your students (with the well drawn illustrations).

In the Red canoe
Leslie A Davidson
Illustrator: Laura Bifano
Orca Book Publishers
32 pages

Where can you find it?

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  1. Such beautiful illustrations!

    1. i know they are just lovely.


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