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Today I have something a wee bit different for learning about Canada.   It's a game!  A brain game none-the-less!  I picked this game up a while ago to use with my lad, just a fun grab a card, look at it and see what you remember and can learn about Canada.  

Let me introduce you to Discover Canada by Brainbox.   You can learn more about Brainbox and even play some games while visiting them right HERE.

You might be wondering, what is this game?  What makes it interesting?   It's a game meant for one or two people (making it great for mom and son).   Take a timer that runs for 10 seconds and a card.  Try to memorize as many details as you can in that 10 seconds and then answer the questions on the reverse side of the card.   The most answers right wins!  In the meantime you are learning facts about Canada.
They have a variety of categories from animals, sports, provinces, fur trade, inventors, first nations and more. Pictures, maps, questions.. fun with learning, can't really beat that can you know?

If ten seconds is too short for you or your family, extend it!  It's a game, have fun with it.  

Discover Canada
Game, brain game

Where can you find it? Discover Canada Discover Canada by Brainbox

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