Fun Friday: Art is Science plus printable

 As you may or may not remember I'm teaching a class called mudworks where we are experimenting with making different types of doughs out things you might not expect.

Up this week were doughs from bread, starch, shampoo and toothpaste.   Four stations with children at each of them.  Stay tuned for printable below.

I told the children that doing art like this was also doing science.  You have the basic ingredients, but things like weather and humidity can affect the amounts that you use.

Shampoo dough... I have to admit.. I LOVED the feel of this dough.   Like a silky smooth playdough.  Forms flat objects nicely, takes FOREVER to dry out.  :)   This recipe took a lot more flour than expected.  I could roll that nice smelling dough around in my hands all day long felt so delectable.

Starch dough.   The recipe we used called for cornstarch, but the scientist in me had us also try out potato starch and tapioca starch.  They all gave a different feel to the dough.  Tapioca gave a very stretchy feel to the dough.   Potato starch felt like homecooked playdough with an extra solid feel.  Cornstarch was very moldable.    All three of these dry quickly.

Bread dough takes ALOT of working and proved to need a bit of fiddling with.   One person found added a touch of water made the dough more workable, some of the children gave up, and another added a touch of flour and made a lovely sculpture from it.

Toothpaste dough proved to be the bane of most of the youngsters who tried it out.  The recipe needed ALOT of fiddling, and it could have been the toothpaste I bought or the weather or .. I dunno, but it proven the perfect ground of experimentation for the two boys who stuck through out.  I gave them carte blanche and talked them through different ideas to try until they both ended up satisfied with the end result, which for both boys was quite different, one wanting a gloopy feel and the other wanting a more solid feel.  They both loved the toothpaste smell to this dough.
Now it is your turn!

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