Hymn Study: Follow On

Today's word of the day for the Write 31 Day Challenge is Follow.  So I thought I'd look for a hymn (cause it's Sunday you know) but didn't know one off the top of my head, so I went a hunting and found this one called Follow On (Down in the valley with my saviour I would go).  I like the upbeat tune and could probably have a lot of fun singing this song. :)

This Hymn was written by William Orcutt Cushing.  Born in Massachusetts in 1823, he is the author of several hymns.  He served as a minister within the Unitarian Church for 27 years, when he had to retire due to a creeping paralysis.  After finishing his ministry he asked God for another job and he found himself turned to hymn writing.  He wrote a good 300 hymns.  He kept himself useful for the Lord, dying in 1902.


1 Down in the valley with my Savior I would go,
Where the flowers are blooming and the sweet waters flow;
Everywhere He leads me I will follow, follow on,
Walking in His footsteps till the crown be won. 

Follow! follow! I will follow Jesus!
Anywhere, everywhere, I will follow on!
Follow! follow! I will follow Jesus!
Everywhere He leads me I will follow on!

2 Down in the valley with my Savior I would go,
Where the storms are sweeping and the dark waters flow;
With His hand to lead me I will never, never fear,
Danger cannot fright me if my Lord is near. (Chorus)

3 Down in the valley or upon the mountain steep,
Close beside my Savior would my soul ever keep;
He will lead me safely in the path that He has trod,
Up to where they gather on the hills of God. (Chorus)

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  1. Another option - "Where He Leads Me I Will Follow" - a line from the chorus of a hymn I grew up with and enjoy.

    Never heard this one but it certainly is upbeat, isn't it? I do like it. I may have to see if we have access to the printed music and have my hubby lead it next time he is leading singing.

    1. That's another that i don't know Lori, do you have a link to the full song? Your hubby leads worship? neat!

  2. Here's the best one I can find. We tend to sing it a bit peppier but it is the right one for what I know.
    Sometimes it is sung with "I can hear my Savior calling" to the melody of the chorus as the verse instead of "Sweet are the promises."

    1. Interesting , neat song, good use of the word follow


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