I Don't Like Change

"But we don't like change", were the first words out of my hubby's mouth when I said to him "I'm stuck, the word is change".  And so a post was born.  :)

change poem rhyme
 I Don't Like Change

"I don't like change", the words they came
And as I said it, it came out lame.

What did it mean,to say those words?
Slipping and flitting away like birds?

Change is a memory don't you see?
Of the way that things used to be

A memory of how it always is
Can it be changed? The question 'tis.

One little bit, a miracle happens
I see it coming, it's like it snap ins.

Laundry on Wednesdays, oh, can it be?
It's like something is going a little crazy!

A fancy meal on Thursday no less!
I think making change we will finesse.

It's okay to not like change, 
But it doesn't have to define our range.

Seasons come, and seasons go.
In all of this, I know, I know.

I don't like change, but even more.
Even more, Deep in my core.

No more static!
Cobwebs out of the attic!


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  1. Change sure can be hard. But, it is necessary. - Lori

  2. I loved this poem! You keep getting better and better! Did you ever read any David Haas? Your poetry reminds me of his. My boy really liked it to! He hates change as well, and has a gift for poetry. Thanks for linking up with us! (BTW I can comment again on your blog since I finally got a new computer and moved out of the Windows XP stone age!)

    1. I will need to look him up, and yay, you can comment again

  3. Such a cute poem... and such a wonderful reminder that not all changes are painful. Funny how most of us end up being creatures of habit.

    1. I know, such pattetns we make on our lives

  4. This is a great poem. Thanks for sharing.


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