I Read

Today's word prompt is read, bringing to mind one of my favourite activities of the day.  Reading with my lad.  Our current read is called "out of time", a marvellous fiction book that has my lad daily clamouring "read more, read more".

I Read

I read to my lad
As we eat our breakfast
and plan our day.

Tales of history
of days gone by
Knights, and maidens
Treasures that lie.

Tales of geography
What places we'd go
Switzerland, Scotland
Australia down low.

Tales of science
the animals we've seen
Genetics, Robotics, 
That frog is not green!

Tales that are made up
our imaginations soar
Our breakfast is simple, 
those tales, do not bore.

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  1. Reading aloud is such a special time and so many can go into it. We enjoy reading aloud together.

    1. Rwading is such a fun thing to do together eh?


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