Just One Thing

I keep thinking back to the writer's conference and what I could take away from it.  Do you know why?   I don't want to waste the learning.  If I don't think about it and write about it, and keep the notes ready...then in three months it won't have mattered that I went...and wouldn't that have been a waste of hard-earned dollars!?!?!  Not my thing at all!

I keep coming back to a line I kept hearing.  Set a goal, just a singular goal.  Just change ONE thing.  Don't do more than that.  Just one thing, one style, one character, one setting, one social media.  Learn to do that one thing and do that one thing well.  Then do one more thing.
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So instead of looking at five things you want to do and (or in my case a million and a half things)....and feeling totally overwhelmed and stumped.   You break that down into ONE thing.  And yes, try to keep it to the ONE thing.  And yes.. I know .. it's really hard to do that.  Perhaps we can practice together?  :)

For instance, let's say you want to increase your social media presence.  Should you tackle them all at once?  (just so you know, if you are thinking that way.. DON'T, just DON'T).  Take one, learn it, read about it, study it, try different things, until you have a good handle on it, and then .. tackle the next one.  OR don't. Perhaps all your audience is in the social media presence you are currently using.   

Your next goal might be something else... like...if you are a novelist, really learning how to research a time period, or building a believable character, or learning to use action words without going overboard.  Learn that one thing, and then use that learning to go on to the next thing. 

So you aren't looking at FIVE things (or a million and a half things) you are looking at ONE thing.  Just one.  Anyone can do ONE thing can't they? 

What one thing do you think YOU can do?

Me... I'm going to move my blog so I can get my CSS something or other.  Just one thing to get, I found a lovely gal to help me out, got a goal of November 1st to get the finances done, and then a goal of mid-November to get the blog set up nicely.  Then Christmas will happen (and the busy-ness of the season) which will bring us to next year's goal... to get a poem published in a magazine.  Should be doable you think?  Just one poem.. and who knows what the next step might be?   God knows, literally, cause I don't.  

All I have to do is to make the ONE goal.  Going where I think God is leading me.  
Just one goal.

Tell me...what's yours?

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  1. One foot in front of the other. One goal at a time. I will remember this and set one goal.

    1. What is your goal? Know it yet friend?


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