Let Yourself Be Refined

Refine, to be changed, to have the impurities removed, to improve something.

Refiner's Fire
My hearts One Desire
Is to be ...holy
Set apart for you my master
Ready to do your will.

What are you doing?
Are you being refined?
Have you been put through any crucibles lately?  Finding some of your rough edges smoothed down, or just plain removed?
It's fun how hard times clean us up...like being in the fire changes the glass or metal put into it.  All the gick being removed.  
It's a good thing in the aftermath, but the process isn't always so pleasant you know?

When God looks at us, you know what he sees right?
He doesn't see the gick being removed... he looks at the product being made.  He sees what he is aiming to make, and works it and heats it til it comes out right.

So take won't you?  Take the refining process and let it change you.  Let it remove those impurities, that GICK from you.  Let it do it's job.
Be what God sees... work to be that final product.

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  1. I've never heard the work gick before. But, yes, the refining is good. Hard sometimes but good.

    1. sometimes, just sometimes it's hard to see it being good though...


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