Listen, Listen My Child

Hush, quiet, be still
Hush, quiet, be aware.
Hush, quiet, be one who listens.

Come, O children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.  Psalm 34:11

Listen, Listen My Child

In the quiet of the morning, I hear his voice, 
Calling to me,
Reminding me.
That first off and foremost, I am his child.

Listen, listen my Child 

In the busy-ness of life I hear his voice
Whispering my name
Teaching me who he is
As I spend time in his word, hearing
Listen, listen my child

In the moment of fear, I hear his voice
Adamantly calling to me
Saying PEACE be still
Remember I AM who I am
Listen, listen my child

In the aloftness of my heart, I hear his voice
Pleading with me,
Reminding me that without him, 
I am but a weak, insignificant vessel.
Listen, Listen my child

In the silence of the night, I hear his voice
Tender words, recalling to mind
The blessings of the day
Showing me his continued care.
Listen, Listen my child

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