Owning your own story

This weekend I am at a writers conference called breathe.

It was a bit of a challenge getting down here, but God has been so good, from little things like a road sign in just the right place that helped me to know turn here!   The friendliness of strangers willing to help a gal out when she got turned around, and more.

The kindness of God in providing kindness in others sometimes overwhelms me.

I got to meet Carol from the crew, surprise surprise she looks younger than I expected.  Sweet kind lady just like I had hoped for based on her writing.

Anyways, the theme for this week's five minute Friday is story, and you know what people are asking all over the place this weekend?  What's your story, what do you write?

I honestly feel a bit awkward saying I don't have a book, that I like to write poetry and short stories.  Makes me wonder if there is room for someone like me in the market and if maybe I shouldn't have come.   These doubts assail me.

And then I stop and think, my story is my own and just as valid as anyone else's and that's not a bad thing.  Do I have a full book in me?  I don't know.  I know I have devotionals bursting out of me. That I think I have something from God to say.  But I have a lot of uncertainty living inside of me...and that's part of my story too.  Right now I am not sure what to do with that,  ...the uncertainty i mean.  For at least, I'm getting more tools in my hand so I know what to do when the time is right.

Do you ever struggle with your story?

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  1. We had a conversation about something similar to this not long ago and I feel exactly like this - what I write is fine but I don't necessarily feel it is good. Yours? I feel like it is exactly what I need to read when I need to read it. You have plenty of stories to tell and you do a wonderful job at telling them.

  2. I so understand this. I was afraid to self-publish my book, but I received so much encouragement to do it. I was so glad I did. It's taking me longer to get the 2nd one completed. Sometimes it starts with a step towards a dream. I hope you are enjoying the conference.

    1. I didn't know you were a published author that's neat! I ended up being pleased I went.

  3. I hear you, I'm still struggling with how and what I have to say. The #write31days challenge is helping me generate some more content but I can't ignore the feeling I am can do more with it.

    1. I know eh? I need to seek out more places to submit my work.


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