Pearl Seeker: Seek to be Just A Christian

Know Before Whom You Stand. this was a message from a mantel the Germans tried to destroy during the night of Glass.  During the world war.  They were unable to do so.  This was a reminder to the Jewish leader to always remember whom he served.  Question left with... do I know whom I serve?  What reminds me of that?
I have to admit, this chapter and I just didn't sync.  It felt like it jumped around and I just couldn't follow it, so this is what I picked out.

The question we have before us is this...what does it mean to be a Christian, JUST a Christian.   

We aren't forced to learn about God, we aren't forced to do his will, so what makes us a Christian?

The question I suppose is this, do we want to stay JUST a Christian or do we want our Christianity to matter, to make a difference?   How do we want to show our love for God?  But being lukewarm, not really caring to know more?   Should we then query if we truly are Christians then?   If we don't act like God matters (by spending time in his word, going about his business etc) then are we truly Just a Christian?

Make being Just a Christian a pivotal part of who you are as a believing person. Be a person of action, of obedience and submission to what he asks of you. 

We can choose to obey God, to be submissive to his will, or we can chose to not be submissive to him, to follow the path that Satan would have us.  And having this awareness, even if we mess things up, when we turn back to the Lord he is rich in mercy.  Quick to forgive us and welcome us back.   So be "Just" a Christian, willing and active, obedient to his call, learning more about him all the time.

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  1. Sometimes I think we get caught up in being a certain type of Christian - a missionary, a preacher, a teacher, a church goer, a parent, a fill-in-the-blank. I felt like the point of this was to not worry about anything but fulfilling the word of God and by doing so, you are being the Christian God called you to be. You used the phrase "willing and active" and I think that is a big part of it all - doing something and being open to God's call.

    1. That brought some clarity, thank you


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