Pearl Seeker: Seek to be Thankful

This chapter was quite simple.  We live in a land of plenty, a land of ease, do we understand how blessed we are?

With that blessing, do we take time to say thanks?

For our house, our health, our medical system, our food, our ease of getting around and even for our freedom to believe as we will.  Do we stop and thank you Lord for all the blessings he bestows on us.

I have to admit though, I stopped at the line "We are the most blessed people in the world".  I don't agree. 


Because yes, in North America we do have a lot of material blessings and relative freedoms.  Things are getting tighter and harder for us, but we do live in a land where living is easy.  BUT.. and here's the catcher... We are NOT the most blessed in the world.

There are blessings to be found in every inch of this continent, blessings of life, laughter, untold beauty in surroundings, and so much more.  So whether one lives in North America or the dark of the jungle, blessings still abound. 

And therefore REGARDLESS of where we live... thanksgiving to God is required.  We are to be thankful in all circumstance, content with where the Lord God has placed us, easy or not.   And you know what happens if we truly are thankful?   We learn to be content.

Contentment in all circumstances, started with prayers of thanksgiving to God.  Talk to the Lord more as you go through your day, talk to him, thank him, praise him for his mercies, for forgiving you for your sins, and all the little things that pass your way.   It is GOOD to do so.

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  1. True that we do have to be thankful, no matter what circumstance we are in. And talking to God throughout every day is how we do that.


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