Plan, A Thanksgiving Meal

I sit here tonight with a cold, I've come back from a busy weekend and a long drive and am feeling rather beat.   It's thanksgiving weekend too.  It would be lovely to have a meal together don't you think?   What does one plan when one is away and there's a meal to put together?  One leaves it to one's hubby!!!!!
Thanksgiving Meal

A plan to make
A meal expected
Wife's away.

I know I know
I'll call my mom
She'll help me plan.

And so a plan was put in place
Turkey Dinner
Monday, my place.

A reminder made
Turkey out to thaw.

No turkey out
Tell the wife as to church I out.

The wife she mutters
A bad cold she has
No sleep , Long drive

Turkey thawing
Relief is felt
Monday meal, Food will abound

Tell the wife
Do nothing dear
Rest and sniffle, be at ease.

Monday meal is planned
Mom will come
Ah... I can almost smell it
The plan, it's done.


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