Review: Brinkman Adventures #4, Audio Stories

Imagine having stories about missionary adventures, or fun stories that teach important truths being at your beck and call whilst cooking supper, traveling in the car, or wherever you are. Over the past few weeks I have been privileged to listen to Christian Stories of adventures, in Brinkman Adventures Season 4 published by Brinkman Adventures

Who are the Brinkman's?
A fictional family produced by Beachglass ministries, a non-profit, non-denomination Christian ministry. Their focus is inspiring and motivating the younger generation of Christian believers. The Brinkman's are a family the walk us through many adventures showing us Christian's in action, and God at work.

What do you get? 
12 Christian Stories brought to life!  Each is about a 1/2 hour long so easy to listen to while preparing supper or folding laundry (can you tell how I used it?)  These stories are a mixture between being based on real life, while others tell a moral story.

I have to admit, my favourite story involved the raccoons. :)  The one that caused me to pause and think "Remember Nhu".  The one that amazed me most was The Five Guys.

These are the stories:
  •   A Paradise Lost - learning what missionaries go through at family camp.
  •   Remember Nhu - searching for and rescuing a girl from slavery, mission started.
  •   Aisha’s Fear - fear turned to praise = evangelist for the Lord
  •   Heart Song - the song of Russian Christian, imprisoned, prisoners changed, singer saved from death because
  •   The Crashed Kitchen - a crashed kitchen, love shown, hope restored
  •   Crisis In The Congo - meeting the flying machine (pt 1)
  •   The Mysterious Palm Feller - learning to face up to opposition (pt 2)  This was a good reminder of how it's hard for missionaries to know what to do sometimes.
  •   War of the Raccoons - moral story, just a silly story :)
  •   The Five Guys - ways God called people to him
  •   Toughest Man - the story of a man who gave up everything for God, even trusting God with his family.
  •   Cambodian Quest - safe places to live where slavery isn't possible
  •   What Brings Us Together - it's a wedding, with mishaps

 The real stories behind each of the tales can be found here. I very much appreciated how they showed what was true and what was changed, they gave a depth not found in the story as well.   It was great to be able to follow links such as this one for Remember Nhu

Each story contains a lot of realism from crickets chirping, the real family experiences, with a variety of world wide experiences.  

Another website feature is the Episode Preview section.
Here you can discover the theme of each episode, along with what part of the world is featured, as well as get an audio preview.

How did I use it?
I listened while doing dishes, preparing supper, while cleaning up, doing laundry etc.  It was so very portable carrying them around on my tablet. 

What did I think?
Are they easy to listen to?   Yes.  1/2 hour long, interesting stories.  Approximately 5 hours worth of listening time.
Are they appropriate for all ages? Debatable. I appreciated that they would warn you when adults should listen alongside their children. My son wouldn't have had an issue with any of the stories before age 10, but I know other children are more sensitive.
Are they Faith-based?  Most definitely.  These stories introduced us to different ways that God acts, how his people can serve him, how even missionaries can struggle with doing what they should, or even in knowing what to do, and more.

All that said, I really enjoyed season two previously reviewed.  This set, didn't seem up to the same standard, at least not as completely.  I found that one episode was overacted, and another was slow to get going. When it comes right down to it though, I think part of my discontent is that I want longer stories.  I want more depth, and intrigue, something that will get ME fired up as an adult. For instance, the story with the five guys and how they came to faith, I wanted to know more about their stories.  I wanted to know more about the guy behind the scenes.  I just wanted MORE.  :)

Right now I listen to full length books with my family and the biggest reason they don't want to listen to Brinkman Adventures with me is not that they don't enjoy the stories, but like me, they want MORE. It would be fascinating to have a full length story made up of these tales, showing God in action in a person's life, giving more detail and what not. It's fact that I liked the stories, but I wanted more depth provided. Time perhaps for an adult version of these stories or just a longer CD???  I think it would be interesting to listen to, to have these stories (or new ones) made for a teen or adult audience as well.

Brinkman Adventures Season 4
Brinkman Adventures
Produced by Beachglass 

Series: Brinkman Adventures
Type: MP3 or CD
$25.99$31.99 depending on format

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