Review: Family at Large

A homeschooling friend wrote this book and I told her I'd put a blurb about it up on the blog.  :)  If you review books, you gotta do things like this eh?  :)

Seriously though, good book, you aught to get yourself a copy.

Joanne has a rather large family, and was inspired to put together some of the tales and advice, of having a large family.   Large family or not, you may find yourself inspired.  Do you think you could get out of the house, ready for camping in 1/2 an hour?  I only have one and KNOW I can't do that.  :)

Faith is a very evident part of the Schreuders household and interspersed between the pages of fun (cause seriously, if you can't find something funny in a household of 10 children something is off) are lines of faith, of truth in learning to rely on God for all that he has given and the strength he gives daily. 

Joanne talks honestly about the lessons she has needed to learn, and how that has changed her.  From needing to maintain self-control to not lose her temper, to how to pack well, to seeing her children as unique individuals with giftings of their own from God, and how to show her children love.  

Family at Large
Joanne Schreuders
110 pages
Faith based.

Where can you get it?

Contact Joanne at her facebook page: Family at Large.

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  1. I bet there are some good and encouraging stories in there. Thanks for sharing about the book.


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