Review: NIV Revolution Bible

The Revolution Bible is a bible geared toward young men, from teenagers on up.It's actually a fairly neat bible with some interesting features.

It's actually hard to know where to start with this review.  It has so many features and I can't list them (lest the review get too long and wordy) so I'm pondering how to break it down for you.

 For instance, I love the introduction "We don't call the Bible "God's Word" for nothing.  The wisdom, instructions, and lessons in it come straight from the Almighty".   Truth eh?

It's presented in the New NIV translation, hard cover with a dustcover, with 50 match ups found throughout the bible, and interesting little cut outs, and all sorts of advice geared toward a teen guy, helping him to understand God's word and delve into it deeper.

 What are the special features?
  • 12 full-colour pages with life-impacting ideas.
  • in-depth book introductions
  • Battlelines that answer tough questions.
  • "Be the Change" cutouts showcasing biblical truth
  • "God Calling" notes that focus on key verses
  • "Live the Revolution", change your life, revolutionize your impact
  • "Matchups" that compare villains and heroes.
  • "Beliefs 101" that help shape personal worldview.
I have to admit, there are so many features to this Bible for Teen Guys that it's easy to get distracted.  At the same time, I see the value in all these add-ons.  Regular language, challenging guys to take their faith seriously, to dig into God's word and consider what it really means for their lives.

For instance this "live the revolution" thought.  "Do you ever feel as though there are "walls" between you and other people?   Some walls are built because of race or social standing.  Some are built because of differences in backgrounds and upbringing... No matter what kinds of walls you have....none of them can stand against Jesus' power..... When you're serious about following him, he will help you eliminate the barriers that separate you from others...."   Neat statement eh?  Good call to action in faith.

My Thoughts:
It's a nice bible, the hardcover makes it a durable bible, and it looks nice to the eyes, the green/blue exterior is pleasing to the eye.   My son says "it's a good blue".  

I like the variety of helps contained within, though I wonder about the distraction level they also possess...some might be tempted to meditate upon the points made, rather than on the scripture itself.  Some of the revolution thoughts seemed to take a verse out of context, but overall I found them thought provoking and on point. I appreciated that all of the aids were scattered throughout the whole bible. 

At the close of the bible, you find a good subject index listing all the helps found within the bibles' pages, as well as Beliefs 101, Christianity 101, and a Reading plan.

The Revolution Bible
Editors: Livingston Corp. and Christopher D. Hudson
Translation: NIVr
Hardcover, Bible
Audience: Male, teen, young adult

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  1. I, too, find that the more "helps" there are withing a Bible the more distractions occur.

    1. It's one of the reasons I like having an online Bible


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