Review: Overboard!

Overboard! Is part of the Survivor Diaries series written by Terry Lynn Johnson.   In this book Travis and his family, and their guide, get thrown into icy cold, chaotic waves when their boat capsizes. Will they manage to survive?

Black and white pictures are interspersed among the pages of this book, which help bring the story to life.  I would say the reading level is geared for grades 3 and 4.

I liked how the author interjected survival techniques into the storyline. This is a great way to teach children how to stay safe and survive in different situations they may find themselves in,  in particular what happens if they fall into icy cold water how will they survive?

We learned about the HELP technique, the importance of keeping your skin out of the water and having something to help you float.  Most of all, if you can keep yourself calm and your wits about you, you can survive.

The book closes with a section where the author clearly outlines the steps you need to stay alive in icy cold water. It was well written in simple language that anyone could understand.
What I appreciated most about the book is how the two youth involved helped each other, figuring out what needed to be done, overcoming fears and simply doing what was necessary to survive. 

Series: Survivor DIaries
Terry Lynn Johson
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Illustrator Jani Orban 
112 pages 

Reviewed for Raincoast Books.
Where can I find it? Overboard. Overboard (survivor diaries).

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  1. We like these. Miss L has suggested it to Miss J several times because she is fascinated with these types of books right now.

    1. I,had not heard of this series before reading this book.


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