Review: Sled Dog School

You know how people often can write best the life that they know? Author Terry Lynn Johnson has owned a team of sled dogs for years so writing a book with sled dogs is a natural fit for her.

The book starts off with Matt, an 11 year old boy, trying to get mail from the mailbox while his younger sister tags along.  He learned he needs to do an extra credit project in order to bring up his grade in school.   School is not a pleasant place for Matt, often teased for being different than the other students, with the smell of the wood burning stove on this clothes.  Matt enjoys the time he spends with the family's sled dogs.   Matt decided for extra credit he would start Matt's Sled Dog School.

The rest of the book is filled with how Matt ran the sled dog school, how he learned to deal with difficult people, learn to run his dogs and learn how to actually run a business.  The practical application of doing math, and the help of a friendly bus driver, helped him to learn to do math better, and to see the need to get help in understanding math all the more. 

I found the book very interesting even though it's geared for younger readers. It was interesting to see how Matt's life changed, so he learned that it's okay to ask for help, how he learned his strengths and his weaknesses and his ability to get the job done and accept responsibility for what he must.  It was great to see how friendship blossomed when it was expected. It was well written tome.

Sled Dog School
Terry Lynn Johnson
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for young readers
197 pages
7-10 years 
Chapter book
Reviewed for: Raincoast Books.

Where Can I Find It? Sled Dog School Sled Dog School.

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  1. That looks like a neat book that would have fit in perfectly when we were studying sled dogs a few years back.


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