Share, it's a thing to learn

What does it mean to share?  

It's odd how some things stick with you for years.  I remember when my lad was a wee youngster and we were trying to be part of a play group and they had this rule that if a child was playing with something, and another child wanted it we needed to teach them to share, so child one would have to give up the toy so that other child could have it.  This rule was enforced and it bothered me mightily at the time, and I guess it still does.  All those toys my lad was forced to give up...for another child's selfishness...I WANT DAT!  and so my lad would kindly give it up...  seemed so dreadfully unfair.

I suppose it's a hard balance ... to teach sharing without encouraging selfishness. We didn't last in that play group as the balance just wasn't there.


It's a hard thing to balance
to share and not demand.
To teach our children 
the give and take
that so many need to learn.

To take
 demands that we also give.
Our time,
Our attention,
From whom we would take.

 Just as to give
demands that we also give
Our time
Our attention
to whom we would impart.

To see the need.
to know the demand
to make the judgement call
on whose need is greater.
That of the askee
or that of the giver.

Whose need do we see 
as more worthy?
It's a hard one to teach.
It's a hard one to learn.

But that's what it means

Those who are kind benefit themselves

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  1. Sharing is a terribly difficult concept. And it is not always about physical things, at all, which makes it even harder.

    1. I know, so much other stuff to think on


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