Tell, a poem of relationships

 Tell... oh my... I see this word,and you know what I want to belt out?

GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN over the hills and every where!   BUT the question is this...
Should I belt it out right now when Hubby and I are busy chatting?   

Wouldn't be polite you know.  Nor kind, nor showing empathy, nor upbuilding of relationship betwixt the two of us. 

Ergo, thinking of the word tell now that we are finished chatting, has me thinking what does it speak to us about marriage or even just relationships?


Words between each other.
Words that seek to understand.
Words that seek to inform.
Words that speak to heart matters. 

Each person matters.
Each person has a say.
Each person is important.
Each needs to put the other first.
Each needs to love the other as they would love themselves.
Each needs to be prepared to give way.

Speak life to each other.
Spread the joy of life.
Laugh and talk and be at peace.
Working to build the life within. 

Is the building block
The centre.
The action that informs
of the feeling of love being built
Day by day. 
The love that starts from the the love
that God holds for us.

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  1. Nice way to approach this word. These tidbits of statements really make me think since my brain wants to have a finished sentence. :) It's good.


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