The Flip Side of Giving

When I took a moment today to consider the word give, all I could think about was if you give something, you deny something else.  There's always a flip side to giving.  Made me wonder, is it the flip side that stops people from giving freely?

The Flip Side of Giving

 Charity, Charity
Give to my charity!
Comes the call again & again.

Sometimes I shudder thinking:
If I give twenty to you.
Then I need to give twenty to the next guy.
And then where is my bread for the week?

Charity, Charity
Give to my charity!
Comes the call once again.

Sometimes I hesitate thinking:
But if I give it to you
Then what happens if I need it?
Then it's gone!

Charity, Charity
Give to my charity!
Comes the call at my door

Sometimes I don't to answer thinking: 
Again?  You come again?
Don't you know I'm having supper with the family? 
Should I encourage these interruptions? 

Charity, Charity
Give to my charity!
Comes the call on the line

Sometimes I temporize in my thinking: 
I don't know you,
How did you get this number?
Can I trust them?

Charity, Charity
Give to my charity!
Comes the call

In all the hesitation, 
this refrains beats in my soul:

Be generous in in your giving.
Don't be stingy.
Those who trust God want for nothing.
Give from a willing heart.
Trust God, he'll meet your needs.

And I am chastened.

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  1. The pulls on the purse strings seem to come more and more frequently, don't they? Give generously but still being a wise steward of what God has placed in your hands. Sometimes it is hard.

    1. It's very hard sometimes


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