Things We Learn from Our Children

I wanted to do a post focused on things I have learned from my lad, but my lad wasn't real keen on that as a topic, so I asked him...what if I asked OTHER parents what they have learned from their children and just throw in the odd tidbit of what I have learned from you and you know what?   He thought that was a great idea!

So without further ado...

From Carol: My children have taught me that it is ok to not know everything. They’ve also taught me patience and determination. They’ve taught me that each student is a unique individual and needs instruction tailored to them.

Our daughters have taught me about things they enjoy- like textiles, black holes and farm animals.

From Jen:
One thing my children have taught me is the value of making what they are learning practical to their lives. For example learning fractions is great. But using fractions to cook, bake, shop and save really makes them connect to what they are learning to life. Then it sticks! If you can make whatever you are teaching them something they can use-it will stick.

From Kym:
I keep meaning to do a post (or series) something like this too - things *I* learned while homeschooling. I think I have done one like that. Hmm.  Anyway, things I have learned FROM my children:

My oldest son taught me the importance of having a goal. He fought me on a lot of school stuff until he made his first solid decision on what he wanted to be when he grew up. Then I could tell him why he needed to pass algebra and why he needed to work on grammar etc. Didn't mean that the struggle and attitude was perfect after that - but it was a huge improvement.

My second son taught me patience and diligence, because he just took longer to get everything done. But he stuck to it, and did it well.

My third son taught me about Civil Air Patrol, discipline, and leadership.

My daughter teaches me about music and story-writing and the arts. And about the joy of creativity, and whole-hearted worship.

All of my kids have taught me a lot about learning styles and making things understandable and interesting for different personalities.

Academically, I've learned a lot more about history, chemistry, physics, astronomy, algebra, and art from them and while trying to keep up with them!

From Kimberley:
I agree. Another big thing for me is that learning is everywhere. If our guy learns something by experiencing it at a historic park, science centre, or even a national park, it seems to stick as well.

From Michelle:
The most important thing I learned from my kids is to listen to them. I know it sound obvious. But I had to learn to let go of my ideas of who they should be and let them find their passions in life. I needed to change how I saw my role in their lives. I am the facilitator, advocate and guide.

So how about you?   
What have you learned from your children?  Lessons, thoughts, new insights?   I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Great points! I have learned so much from my children, too.

    1. What sticks out for you Jennifer?

  2. So great to read these and be reminded of the many things I've learned from my kids, and can still learn!

    1. So glad you took part Kym

  3. I would say that I have learned love and forgiveness, especially along the homeschooling journey. I know those are big things rather than specifics but they are the most important and a large part of why we homeschool. Relationships matter and everything else falls into place.

    1. oh...that is so true Lori, just so true. the patience and love we learn.. oh my.


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