Today I was Brave

Guess what... today I was brave.
And the whole time...

I was quaking in my shoes!

I shared a poem of mine with a lady at the foodbank.
See, we'd just been talking about the writers' conference that I had been too, and she wanted to know why I'd been and if I was writing a book.  

I said "I write poetry".  
The answer was OH?
Tell me something you wrote
Won't you my dear?

I pulled out a quick one
My phone so handy you know?
Opened up the browser and picked
One called Grow.

She said "Oh, I like this, 
Can I see another?
So I bravely, yet quaking within
Pulled out Listen, Listen my Child

She fell in love, reading it again
Saying, send this to me
Here's the email, I want to show this to others.
Share will you please?

My heart about bursting
I did as she asked.
I mentioned I hoped to publish someday
A book with poems and pictures to colour.

I think that's a great idea
Words spoken to my heart.
So perhaps one day
More brave I will be.


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  1. Very cute little poem and sweet story!

  2. I love this! And I do see you as brave. God will direct your paths when you follow His will and I can certainly see how this writing poetry fits into His will and His way. - Lori

    1. Thanks Lori, you are so kind.

  3. So Brave! I love this!! I can't wait until you make that book and I can read those poems! Thanks for linking up Annette!!

    1. Thanks day


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