Trust me he says
Trust me to know what is best.
Trust me,
Let it Go.
Know that I have this under control.
Let it Go.  Seriously.  
You do not have to be in control.

And yet I sit
I fight
I hold on tight.
This is my worry
My fear
My thing and it's MINE.
You can't have it.

Again it comes.
Let it go.
It's not good for you this thing.
Let it go.
Trust me.
I have a better thing for you.

Slowly, loudly
Fighting all the way
I let it go.
and I discover a truth.
There is a better thing
there is contentment in what I have
A joy in discovery
that, that other thing, 
the thing I held on to ever so hard
Wasn't good for me.

It's a joy.
A relief 
A total surprise.
that indeed he knew better.

And so slowly
reluctantly at times
I learn to
because I am learning
what hope truly is.

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  1. This is an ongoing conversation for me and God. It is like you have read my thoughts. But I guess everyone who truly wants to follow God has this conversation over and over. You did a great job of putting it to words on the screen/page.

    1. Really? Oh, I feel not so alone.


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