Try it, Just try it

You know one of the things I really love?   When my lad grabs hold of an idea, even a half formed idea, and simply runs with it.   It's just fascinating to sit back and watch him.  His willingness to try new ideas has just exploded over the past year and I so often sit back amazed at where it's taking him.

Some ideas he's been running with lately.

Robotics.  He's taking a class on robotics through the co-op and the marker robot he wasn't real keen on and didn't work the way he wanted, so he thought he'd rework it.

He also managed to move some of his ants into a formicarium that he built. He's ever so pleased that they seem to be moving in well.  They still visit the testtube, but .. they are starting to make a home in the ant home.. eating honey and everything!
And did you know this?
He's making pets of bugs!   He's got this stink bug and a leaf footed bug that he's caring for.  The Stink bug eats tomatoes out of his hand, the other hasn't quite developed that trust factor yet.   Pictured below is The stink bug's accommodations.

For his atoms study, he did a thing with an egg and toothpaste and vinegar.  He was widely impressed with the results and played around with the rubbery result.  I have to admit, it did feel rather neat!  Half hard, half rubbery.  He checked it daily until one day it split as he picked it up! 

"MOM!  It took off the marker!  Why would it take off my happy and sad faces?  Do you think the vinegar did that or the toothpaste?"  (bet you have an idea where that line of questions went eh?)    :)
The sheer amount of videos this lad watches, and then shares all this learning with us. It is amazing!  He knows so much!   We were talking about that a bit this morning, and he talked about how one video can lead to another, which leads to subscriptions to new channels, and lately he's been fascinated by genetic engineering...and BOY oh BOY the chatter and learning.... He actually did that for his innovators study today...researching genetic engineers. 

Built a tower of books too!   This was the second build and didn't get as high as his first, the challenge was this: build a tower using 24 inches of masking tape and one sheet of paper.  I was surprised at how many books he was able to stack!  Rather neat if I must say so myself.

Anyways, you'll be amazed at what happens if you only try eh?

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  1. How neat that he has been able to make pets from bugs!

    1. It's wonderful that he does

  2. Love to see him exploring the things that trigger curiosity.

    1. I just love watching him


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