Work I Do

"Work your fingers to the bone at the lonely Star Cafe. Money I make drives me through the week.  Pay the rent and the telephone, and buy my cigarettes, and I got a little left over to go dancing Saturday night"  Anyone know who sings it???   Cause I've been searching for all the lyrics without success...

I saw word work that song immediately popped into my mind.  

Another song that pops into my head is this one.
"I've been working on the railroad, all the live long day! 

I've been working on the railroad just to pass the time away.
Don't you hear the whistle blowing
Rise up so early in the morning,
Can't you hear the captain shouting..
Dinah Blow your horn!"    

I know I know, lyrics stick in my head.  Sometimes I have them right, sometimes well.. I can be so UNBELIEVABLY wrong I shake my head at my foolishness when I learn how wrong I've been.  :)
Work I Do

Fingers typing madly
I race to beat the clock
Can you believe this review is due at 8 o'clock?
Math? Was it workable?
The story.. did it inspire?
That "teach me to write" book do the job?
Type it out
Give an opinion
Get the job done.

Sitting back slouching
Watching the TV
LapTop sitting in front
Marking papers
Biology and Physics
Are the answers clear?
Is help needed?
Get the job done.

Thursday afternoon
Working with the buns
Clipping nails
Cleaning cages
Moving rabbits around
Playing with the babies
Snapping Pics
Website updated?
Get the job done.
Haircuts, meals
Shops unknown
Fit them in
Is that sign right?
Trim go well?
Happy employees 
Treating customers well
Mystery Shops
Get the Job Done.

Laundry, Dishes,
Wash the floor
Help the lad 
Answer questions and more
Clean the Fridge 
Mind the Crickets
Get the Job Done

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  1. Busy with work. Work that you enjoy, which is good.

    1. It was putting this together


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