Canada Book: Symbols of Canada

This is a fantastic book if you want to learn about the symbols of Canada.  Learn the history of our country as well as the provinces as you see each of the symbols laid out clearly. They are clearly textually and visually spelled out. 

This book is fantastic.  

 From the pull out clearly showing all the symbols, (one side english, the other french)

I thoroughly appreciated the good mix of text and image.  This book isn't just about showing you the symbols, but also about teaching you about the provinces and country they represent and why.

The first 20 pages are dedicated to Canada as a country.   Talking about her history, the gradual change in her flag, how our land grew, initial flags of different areas as well as the symbols Canada holds to today.

Each province is given a two page spread showing you the location of the province, the history, coat of arms, flag and other symbols.  It does a thorough job of walking the reader through each province and it's identity.
My Thoughts: 
If you can't already tell.. this is a fantastic resource for anyone in the course of learning about Canada. An excellent resource for digging deeper into the whys of our symbols, how flags have changed over the course of time, and just watching the development of this beloved land of mine.

Symbols of Canada
Canadian Heritage
57 pages
Resource, Canada, history, symbols, heritage

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  1. Looks like a good resource that fits well with different learning styles. I really like books that explain the why alongside the what, like the flags.

    1. It's a great book I really like this one


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