Canada Book: Women Who Dared

I have to admit, I'm cheating a bit, I'm putting this book (a review) in on my Canada Book day.  Why?  Because at least one Canadian is included!!!!   Women Who Dared.  Admittedly, most come from the States, but I'm betting the author comes from there as well... so it's a natural thing to focus on your own land don't you know?  :)  A smattering of other countries are included as well such as France, Japan, Mexico etc.
Anyway, this is a NEAT book about women who dared... daredevils, adventurers, rebels...women who dared to be different...and that's a  most excellent thing, don't you think?  To look at a job and say "I can do that" and not let traditional gender roles stop you on your path.

What kind of women are in this book?
Aviators, swimmers, trick riders, cosmonauts, rescuers, detectives, marines, martial artists, miners, climbers and so much more.   Women can do amazing things!  

The book is divided into three categories: Daredevils, Adventurers, and Rebels.   A handy index is included in the book to help quickly find a person you are interested in learning more about.  Each biography includes where they are from, lifespan, a glimpse into their lives.

Each person is given a two page spread, one side showing an illustration of the woman, and other giving a brief biography.  

One person who interested me was "Keiko Fukuda".  She was a woman interested in Judo, she comes from Japan and started learning Judo when there was a separation in the sport.  Men could achieve 10 levels, women allowed only five.  She didn't let that stop her.  She learned her sport well, so well in fact that in time she was allowed to achieve the highest level for both men and women in her sport...the red belt, the 10th dan.  She is the ONLY woman to have done so.   Imagine the grit it would have taken for her to stick it through!   Good to be inspired eh?

My Thoughts:
This would be an interesting one per week study do with any child, but particularly any girl who isn't sure what to do with her life.  This book would be sure to give her all sorts of inspiration as she looks down her life path.  Just might shake out some new ideas for her eh?

Women who Dared: 52 Stories of Fearless Daredevils, Adventurers, & Rebels
Author: Linda Skeers
Illustrator: Livi Gosling
Ages: 8 and up.
Non-fiction, women, softcover, resource
128 pages.

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

Where can you find it? Women Who Dared. Women Who Dared.

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  1. Oh my middle child would love this book. She is reads constantly about women who influenced life in some way or another. I'll have to look this one up.

    1. I really enjoyed this book it will be one that stays on my shelves


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