Recipe: Jam Pork Fry

Today I confused my sweetheart.  He had this thought I was going to make honey garlic pork and here I was adding stuff to pork in a pan and not making a marinade.   I told him I wasn't making that but was replicating a meal I used to make when I wasn't hungry but needed to eat something.

This is what I did.  MIND... no real measurements happened here as I was just tossing stuff in.   I'll give approximates where I can.

One pork tenderloin cut into bite sized pieces.
Toss that into a fry pan,
Thin jam jelly mixed half/half with water.   About... 1/4 cup jelly.  (I used beet jam)
3 tsp of minced garlic
Soy sauce...I aimed for about a tbsp but ended up with about 2  tbsps.
1/4 of a medium onion diced.
add some seasoning: I used parsley, oregano, montreal steak spice and salt. But you know.. add whatever you like, everyone has different taste buds.
Let that cook a spell.
Then add
About 4 tbsp of a whole berry jam.... I used Saskatoon berry today but have used gooseberry and blueberry in the past.
add 1/2 diced apple just before it's cooked through.
Let it cook down a bit as you want it to be saucy not overly runny. 

Give it a taste test and then add more seasonings if needed.   This part was fun today as I had my lad taste testing it with me.  We ended up adding a bit of lemon pepper and then deemed it good.

How to serve?
In the past I've done it on bread (like a sandwich), or served over a bed of rice or mashed taters.  Everytime I make it, it's a touch different, depends on the species used.

Today I served it over sliced skin on boiled potatoes.

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  1. Interesting combination. May have to try it sometime for my hubby. He likes saucy meals. :)

    1. I hope that you do make it sometime when you do note the jam you use makes quite a difference. If you for instance use a peach jam don't use the apple and a touch more pepper

  2. Mmmm, yummy! One of our favourite meatball recipes uses jelly - so I have no doubts that this is delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It yummy Jennifer. :) I hope you try it sometime.

  3. I love it when someone else cooks like me. "I was just tossing things in" :) That's how I roll!

    1. Okay I like when I meet someone who cooks like me


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