Review: Castle in the Stars

Suppose, just suppose that man's first trip, man's first journey into space happened in 1869 rather than in 1969.   What do you think might have happened?   Just suppose this for a while... and then you'll have the premise to Castle in the Stars. 

alex alice castle stars

So what do you think a space race in 1869 would look like?
Would there be rivalries between nations?  Would there be kings fighting?  Any involvement of castles or knights or ladies in waiting?  Just what do you think it would look like?

Done in the graphic novel style, this easy to read book is broken into chapters.  The graphics are well done, with spots of narrative to explain background information.
 I loved the colours, they fit really well with the story line...all those blues and greens, the greys of the castle.   Just marvellously done, with a water colour feel eh?
 I found the text easy to read, and believable.  No huge gaps in conversation or plot line as I have sometimes found in graphic novels.   It made sense the way it was all put together.

My thoughts:

All in all, a good book.  It seemed believable to me, what it might look like it days gone by to be racing to the sky.   The intrigue and concerns between people and nations.

I do wish that graphic novels wouldn't leave me hanging.  It's like they only give you part of the story in the hopes that you like it well enough to buy the next installment.  Drives me crazy.   I guess the question is this: do I like this book enough that I would like to see part two?  Yes, but if I never finish the story I'm okay with that as well.  

Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869 
Book One.
Alex Alice
First Second
Ages 10-14
64 pages
Graphic novel, hardcover, oversized

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books

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  1. I think that is a fantastic premise for a story!

    1. Oh I know it very much is


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