HEY!!! Happy New Year. Reflections on 2016

Happy New Year dear readers...

Did you stay up late?  Bring in the New Year or did you find yourself exhausted and head to bed early?   Regardless of what you did... may this New Year be one of growth, enlightenment and the knowledge of God's goodness in your life  :)

At this time of year you tend to find a lot of "this is my word for the year" or "this is my verse for the year" posts.   I find those posts fascinating reading.   I really do, they give insight into the person behind the blog you know?   When I find some that I particularly enjoy I will link them up here.  :)

Some word posts: LifeCultivateGrowthSimplify. Restore. Crave.

So my top post of the year on this blog has been

Books We've Enjoyed Recently

 I wanted to update you on some of the books we've read lately.  

They've been a varied bunch, but I thought you might like them. 

 The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt.   This is a GA Henty book that took us quite a while to finish.   We did it as a read-aloud, starting with it being a lunch time book and then a bed time book so we could get it done.   I found it very wordy and often summarized sections with my lad.   BUT the tale itself is well done with it becoming not only a story about Egypt but of people coming to the know the Lord and how, in time, it changed an entire people group.    Excellent story.

Here, There Be Dragons   I read this one for myself a while ago and it's been sitting in my "put this on my blog" pile.  :)  Good read, want to read more in the series.  It's a typical protect the world from the bad guys type of fantasy fiction.   Good read though.   Character development, interesting scenes..

Sky Dragons: Dragonriders of Pern.  I freely admit that I love Anne McCaffrey books, and the books she writes with her son Todd... love them too.  The Dragonriders of Pern are one of my favourite fantasy books.  Dragons, danger, people, mystery, drama and they have everything.  I really hope that when my lad gets a touch older that he will love this series as much as I do.  Time will tell eh?

Anyways, SkyDragons takes us back in time to Xhinnia needing to help save Pern.  They land in an area with no caves and no safety.  Where will they nest to stay safe?   read the book and find out!

Recommended reading level... teenagers and up.   Not a lot of adult theme, but there is some.

Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll: Secret Agent Zet Series Book 1.   My son and I absolutely loved this book.   It was a quite read, held our attention, taught us alot about Egypt and her people, and was just a great mystery.  We were on pins and needles as we waited to find out how the bad people would be stopped.  Rest assured they were.   Definitely recommend reading this one.

I think this was a veritas press history book selection but I can't remember for sure.  But go.. get it, read it.  :)

Another one of my favourite authors is Mercedes Lackey.   The Companions of Valdemar is high on my lists of must reads.  :)   Recently I have read Closer to the Heart (The Herald Spy Trilogy Book 2)  as well as Closer to the Chest (Valdemar: The Herald Spy).    I am currently awaiting in the release of book three of this series.. patience is sometimes hard come by...  :)   Anyways, Mags and Amily have work to do in both of these books.   Can they help Valdemar?   We are introduced to some interesting characters in both books.  I particularly liked the addition of a special needs fellow (his name currently escapes) who is able to help out the rangers.  Can't talk well but can do amazingly specialized weapons and works of beauty.   Bands of informants created by both Mags and Amily that work two different sections of society.   A lot of a kindness in these books despite the danger and evil that sometimes surround.   Probably why I like them so much.  :)  

I will warn you.. if you do get hooked on the Heralds of Valdemar series... it's huge!!!   So many lovely books to read.  :)

Well there you have it.. I think I've gotten through all the book in my stake.   Need to do this more often you know?   :)