Review: The Prayer Saturated Family

This is a good book to read.  I have not read it all the way through mind you, just bits and pieces, enough to perk my desire to read it more in-depth. 

Divided into three sections
  • What Happens When Families Pray (8 sub-sections)
  • Time to Take Action (3 sub-sections)
  • Jump-start a life of family prayer (1 section)
Cheryl Sacks has a desire to reinforce the prayer life in families of believers.  She has therefore provided us with a book full of stories and practical ways to add prayer to your family's way of living.   She adds so many ways that prayer is answered, how it's a true work of God on behalf of his people. 

This is a very practical book written about how prayer can change the atmosphere in your home.   Prayer should be our first thought.

  Sacks tells us this "prayer can help us navigate the often uncertain landscape of life, and seek the direction, wisdom and presence of God along the way. It is amazing how, when we look back, we can see what God has done - especially when we invite Him into our families and allow his His Spirit to change the atmosphere of our homes".

We are often told that we should pray without ceasing, and this book helps us to make that necessary part of our lives of faith, a reality.

The third section of book is a 31 day section of different prayers that one can do as a family, praying for leaders, friends, decision making, schools, evangelistic works etc.  

I cannot say that I agree with everything in the book ... the whole section on the family altar and taking communion only as a family causes me hesitation... but much about the book intrigues, and the fact that it helps stoke the fires of increased conversation with the Lord God, that is a good thing is it not?

Recommendation: This book is definitely worth a read.   Take it prayerfully.  Be willing to be challenged and to be changed.  God calls for us to be prayer warriors... this book will help.

The Prayer Saturated Family
Author:: Cheryl Sacks

Pages: 187
Publisher: Chosen, division of Baker Publishing Group

Type: Christian Helps

Reviewed for: Nuts About Books. The Prayer-Saturated Family: How to Change the Atmosphere in Your Home through Prayer The Prayer-Saturated Family: How to Change the Atmosphere in Your Home through Prayer

Recipe: Whole Wheat Rolls and Buns.

This recipe was more complicated to make than I care to admit... Not sure why I found it so, but I did.

Anyways, here we go.

So I made two different sizes though only included the pics of the small ones.  It made a lot of dough (if turning into bread would have made probably three loaves).

Anyways so I made soft ones by cramming a bunch of little balls close together.

Then what was supposed to be harder rolls by making bigger ones that weren't touching.  I admittedly could not really tell the difference except the size. 

How to make them?

What did I find a challenge?
 Scalding the milk, then mixing the milk with the oil without creating a mess, and the rising of the dough seemed to take forever despite a warm house.

I also didn't use as much flour as the recipe called for so that made me feel a bit leery.

Anyways, the buns were made for our Christmas meal, hopefully people like them (though by the time this recipe posts they will have been eaten).  :)