Review: Out of the Spin Cycle

40 Devotionals awaiting to lighten your load as a mother.   

Jen Hatmaker writes with humour and real-life stories to bring truth to bear, and a heart bent to hold a struggling momma close.

This book is a hand up to mommas, teaching what is most important.   Knowing the hearts of our children and turning those hearts toward God.

More important than laundry.
More important than getting it all right.
More important than healthy children (as in no medical issues)
More important than doing everything for them.

Teaching them to see God's heart in the life of their mother.

And teaching momma that she doesn't have to do it all or know it all, all she really has to know is... the heart of the God who made her. 

Some of  the devotions have a bible passage at the start, others have the passage mixed within the devotional.  The passages seemed like they fit as opposed to be taken out of context (pet peeve of mine).   Each devotion has a least one question to help the reader think through the thought presented AND a step of action.

One step out of the spin cycle call to action was this "Think of a concrete way to teach the character of Jesus today. Find a way to demonstrate his love, his presence, his joy or his protection". 

Recommend it?   Yes. I didn't see anything that caused me to raise my eyebrows or set my spirit a questing after truth.   If you need some encouragement and truth spoken into your life, this book may be just what you are looking for.

Title: Out of the Spin Cycle - Devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load
 Author: Jen Hatmaker

Pages: 175
Type: Christian Devotional
Style: paperback 

Reviewed for Nuts about Books Out of the Spin Cycle: Devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load Out of the Spin Cycle: Devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load

Recipe: Scotch Scones

So I am hopeful I made these correctly.  I've never seen scones like these before (always been flat irrecgular shapes), but the recipe called for balls...

The recipe below.  :)

Sidon, be warned

The Lord God is finished dealing with Tyre, today it's Sidon's turn to be warned.
Destruction is headed her way so that they will know that GOD is the Lord God.

“Behold, I am against you, O Sidon,
I have to admit, I find this line interesting.    God is against Sidon BUT his plan is to manifest his glory in their midst.  
    and I will manifest my glory in your midst.
 So that they will know that HE is the Lord.
And they shall know that I am the Lord
This way when judgement comes there will be no excuse. They will simply know that it is from the Lord God himself.

Introducing Blogging the Alphabet.


Guess what?   I was talking with the folks over on the Homeschool Review Crew forum and some how we got on the topic of Blogging through the Alphabet. 

I thought it might be fun to host it!  (I know bold of me eh?)

BUT I am not  in this alone (YAHOO!!!), a lovely co-member is going to help me out.  Isn't that great?   Amanda from Hopkins Homeschool is going to be my co-host.  

So just what is blogging through the alphabet?

Every week we do a letter of the alphabet.  Everyone who participates write a blog post starting with the letter of the Alphabet... for instance if we were doing the Letter A, folks could write about Apples, Alpaca, Aristotle, or Aardvarks...just something that begins with the letter A.   Then the next week we move on to the next letter of the alphabet.

Some folks chose to do a series... such as Animals of the World, Counties, Field trips, people of the bible and such like. Others just jump in with whatever word pops into their minds each week. It all works.   The most important thing:  we want you to join us!

So what to you think?   What to join in?  It is so interesting to read what others come up with  up.   I would LOVE to see what you would write over the next 26 weeks.   Get your thinking caps on and come join us.   We'll start next week.    

This page will be the stopping zone, if you want to look back at what others have done for inspiration... just come here and look back at each letter.  :)   


1. Linking time is Tuesday through Saturday.   
2. Family friendly posts on a variety of topics.  If you aren't sure, ask one of us.
3. If it isn't family friendly, it will be removed. :)
4. Linking back to us would be great.   You can grab the blog button or link back to one of the alphabet posts.  It's only polite you know.  :)
5.  If you wonder on a hashtag, you might want to use #abcblogging
6. Visiting and commenting on others is always a great social thing to do.  Let's other people know you are reading them, and encourages them to read and hopefully share your great posts.
7. HAVE FUN.   That's the point you know?   Have fun and share what's on your mind.

A Net In Time
We get started next week January 17th.

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A: Sidney Altman, Canadian Scientist. 
B: Beavers!
C: Chant National/O Canada.
D: Dog Sledding.
E: Edgewalk.
F. Tailed Frogs.  
G: The Greats of Canada